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Why is Dating Different in Los Angeles

By many accounts, dating in LA is different from dating in any other city in the world. People have endless stories about how hard dating is in the City of Angels. Those who aren’t locals sometimes consider going back to their hometown or even their country of origin because dating there was easier.

You might have been dating someone in LA for months, but you’re probably still one of many on their schedule. Locals call this phenomenon the “LA Syndrome.” Here’s why hooking up with girls in LA is so hard and what you can do to improve your prospects.

Unrealistic Expectations

Men and women often don’t focus on their current date, hoping to get someone better. It seems like everyone wants what’s inaccessible to them, and nobody ever grows up. Those dating in LA are petrified that they’ll make the wrong decision. They might bail on someone, hoping to get someone “better” and ultimately end up texting the first person “Want to hook up?” late in the evening.

LA daters are so busy chasing the stars that they forget what they were looking for when they started.


Then, there’s the problem with stereotypes. Some men say women in Los Angeles are boring, flaky, unfocused, dishonest, and incapable of having an intelligent conversation. There’s also the issue of traffic. Just getting to a date is a horror. Dating in LA is very expensive. Guys complain that it seems like every woman has the same stories about celebrities. They find it hard to meet someone interesting, and the real-life encounter is always disappointing because she looked much better in her profile picture. It seems like local girls have perfected the art of sexy Instagrams. 

Men who say these things suffer from excessive expectations. They might be looking below their peer group. The truth of the matter is that Los Angeles can be immature, expensive, and crowded.

Out With the Flakes

All of this seems depressing and you’ll hear all kinds of dating advice. One piece of advice that’s of particular relevance to LA is how to deal with flaky dates. Just don’t. They shouldn’t bring you down. If a guy or girl stands you up, move on and find someone who isn’t as flaky. Your time is better spent on people who are capable of making a commitment.