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How To Deal With Borderline Personality Disorder When Dating

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a mental illness that characterized as mood instability, emotionally unstable personality and difficulty in controlling one’s emotion.

Dating with borderline personality disorder is quite easy at first because you feel that everything is working just the way you want it and that you have finally found the perfect person that is capable of giving the love that you deserve.  But as you go along in the relationship, you will notice that things will start to change and that there will be instances wherein you will feel that the other person is no longer being true to you and that he/she might be doing something behind your back when in reality it is not true at all.  These things normally happen with people with BPD and it is necessary that you know how to deal with your negative emotions properly so that you can become BPD-free in time.


Learn To Trust


No matter how hard as it may seem, you need to learn how to trust.  You have to concentrate on the good points of others rather than concentrating on the flaws that they have.  You need to accept the fact that your partner and even your family and friends are capable of letting you down at one point.  Remember, you have to embrace reality and to be able to make things work you have to keep in mind that certain disappointments in life usually happen.  You just have to cope up and deal with it in a positive way.


Act On It

Dating with borderline personality disorder can be frustrating at times and you just need to find a driving force that will help you go through everything with ease. If you want to have a lasting relationship with somebody you need to work on it. You might feel that your actions at times are beyond your control but that is not true. You can definitely do something about it.  You have to learn how to control your anger and avoid saying harsh words to other people because you will certainly regret these afterwards.  The people that you love can only give you so much understanding but there will come a time wherein they will also get tired.  Will you wait for those things to happen before you take action?


Be Brave Enough To Deal With It


Getting out of your current relationship is not the answer.  You need to deal with it before it is too late.  Whenever you feel the urge to shout at that person or say hurtful words, why don’t you just go to your room and lie down?  Think of happy thoughts instead and do not go out until your anger subsides. As you lay in bed think of the things that might happen if you continue with that kind of behavior then, you will notice that the emotional high that you are feeling will slowly melt away.  When that happens, that is the only time that you should go out and face your partner again.  Bear in mind that walking away is not the solution but instead you should be brave enough to go through the ups and downs of a relationship.

Understanding dating with borderline personality disorder is the perfect way for you to overcome whatever behavioral problems you are experiencing right now. Furthermore, besides the medical treatment and the support group that you need to have, you need to go out there and make yourself feel that you have the capabilities to love and be loved in return.